Employee Time Tracking Software

Track daily activities of your employees in order to monitor their performance. With a detailed dashboard for effective team management, review timesheets, milestones and tasks related to all the projects. This way your team becomes more result oriented rather than only focussing on tasks being tracked. This tool will simplify all the processes involving paperless work and lower time consumption with all essential data being centralised. Gain valuable insights about each task at a glance to know the health of your business well.

Happem is an online employee tracking app to keep track of employee hours. It’s best suited for all kinds of businesses where they can easily track their team members anytime, anywhere. This could be a Digital agency, a consulting firm, a software development company, a CA firm, an ecommerce business or something else. Happem can give real time insights about each and every employee with least efforts involved to increase transparency and productivity in the company.

An employee management app is used to monitor how employees spend their time while working. Keeping track of employee hours is a challenge nowadays. Time tracking is the most crucial parameter to measure the growth of an individual.. With the rise of the demand to work from home, this tool has become highly effective in organising the business processes without any physical movement.

This is an effortless employee performance tracking system that can help you and your team members to become more organized, efficient, and get your work done easily. In less time you get to know the health of your business. Get each and every minute detail about your employees while on the move.

Happem is a simple and intuitive employee timekeeping software that is a combination of Three features - Task management on a single screen, Project management and a module for Objectives & Key Results for tracking the goals of the team.

Track each task anytime anywhere

Happem is your Task Master for managing all the company data at one place and monitoring your employees in real time.

Our Special features are:

  • Create & add new tasks
  • Recurring tasks
  • Project activities
  • Focus & Accountability
  • Agility and key results
  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Detailed Reports
  • User Friendly

Why Happem?

Avail a free trial

We are there to help you use our free trial for 15 days for upto 5 users and give us feedback on our product for future use.

User Friendly

Happem makes your work easy in your hectic schedule. Just looking at a simple dashboard you can analyse what is happening. You will get reminders and auto alerts even if you skip or forget any task.

Robust reports

Get in depth reports as per your need to calculate the profit and loss related to each project and employee.

Easy Time and Attendance tracking

This is the easiest and fastest way to know who is doing what and when. This tool will not only help you monitor the progress on each task but also gives you a direction to meet deadlines on time which will lead to customer satisfaction.

Know exactly how much time was consumed and where

One of the major modules of our tool is Project tracking to help your business become productive and effective. Employees will punch all the details in the software to get an approval from the management or which can be used by the management to review the performance of each individual. This systematic approach will build a healthy system.

Automate all processes

With Happem, there’s no need to follow up on your teams’ managers for approvals or employees for their hours. Instead, automatic alerts and reminders will help everyone update their schedules or approve timesheets on time, everywhere.

Approve Employee’s actions

The workflow in the system is managed in such a way that taking approvals from the upper management is no longer a headache now. Simple and easy hierarchy is followed to make the work simpler.

This tool is an asset which encourages saving money in terms of paying the employees based on their performance with no filtration in data as they will be bound to punch in their daily goals and track their monthly achievements on the system itself.

Feel free to reach out to us to know more about Happem technically. We would be happy to serve you the best and make sure that this will benefit your organisation.