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Main address: A-42, FIEE Complex, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II 110020 New Delhi, India
Happem- Employees and Team Management Software Happem believes software makes the world a better place. It is a simple employee online task tracking tool to never miss your daily deadlines and deliverables. We are the Invisible backend team of your businesses to track all your purchases and sales transactions. This employee timekeeping software will not only help you to monitor your team's performance but will lead to an increase in sales productivity and customer satisfaction. It is a powerful time-tracking and staff task management software or apps to keep track of employee performance. It helps keep employee hours tracker, easy task management for teams, monitor project progress, and manage teams across countries and time. Book a demo and learn how to increase productivity with Happem.
Our Solution

Manage your targets well

Bring your team’s goals, tasks, and more together in one shared space. View your work any way you want. From smaller to bigger, our system will make it clear for the teams: what to do, when to finish, and how to get it done.


Best Features

Our Task Management Tracker removes the complexity of managing multiple tasks and helps you allocate, monitor and complete your work on time with no backlogs. This automation tool centralises all the data to make faster decisions.


Attractive Dashboard

Our data dashboard displays key performance indicators related to each task or project. It shows the metrics for the overall performance and progress of each employee. This will serve as your central workspace for managing tasks and check which tasks require your attention.


Detailed Reports

Get dynamic graphical reports based on the latest data updates. Tasks reporting gives information about the current status of all the projects, recent progress your team has made, critical issues, corrective actions to be taken.


User Friendly

A straightforward smart interface providing quick access to all the features making it easy for the users to locate different options. Simple to use and easy to manage with the most useful features in order to streamline the way your team works.

Your hectic life deserves this

This modern work management platform gives a new shape to the 21st century sales communications by bringing in all the key factors responsible for increasing the productivity with high level planning and tracking goals.

It's easy to get your team onboard and stay in sync with them anywhere from home to office. We have features which fit any team's structure or style. Dive into the details and know more about your employees. This is the best combination of real time visibility and seamless user experience. One reason why SMEs still hesitate to adopt such softwares is the cost, but Happem makes it accessible to everyone. Happem provides an Enterprise-wide measurement system to gain visibility across all the processes.

A Task Manager you can trust always

This puts up your business goals and strategic planning all together.

Work on objectives with us

The easiest way to get self satisfaction and motivation is meeting your deadlines.

Fight with the Daily challenges

The smarter you work, the better you learn. Automation is the key to kill manual errors and encourage transparency

Declutter your mind

Get your work done on time and monitor well with least thinking and stress.


Upto 10 users
Get essentials free for 15 days

  • All standard features
  • Great security and support


20 - 200 users

  • Everything in Basic
  • Advanced features
  • More control and insights
  • All basic integrations


Unlimited Users

  • Everything in Professional
  • Advanced security
  • VIP Support
  • Dedicated support

Stay on track and sell more

Get insights about what’s happening at each level. An organised flow makes it easier to record what’s assigned to you, tasks you’ve delegated to others, those which you’re following and much more. Stop wondering about the status of work again.

  • This is a collaborative tool which is easy to adapt and scale up across the organisation.

  • Save more time on follow ups by accessing it anytime, anywhere

  • It allows your staff to acknowledge the list of tasks they have, and prioritise them in the most effective way

  • Centralising activities in one place will boost your team to tap into the pool of knowledge they can get from their peers.


Easily check the status of projects like tasks completed, tasks remaining, and deadlines for each project.


Get visibility about what’s happening at each level of your organization and manage timelines and workload with ease.


Our solution is versatile and can be easily tinkered as per the need of our customers to fit in their businesses.

Maximises Productivity

Automating all the business processes will result in no manual work with least probability of errors which will eventually work as a sales booster.